campus closed shooting news

Campus Closed While Police Investigate Fatal Shooting

By el Don News

All classes at Santa Ana College are canceled and the campus closed today as police investigate the early-morning fatal shooting


Wood Scores Two in Dons Victory

By Alan Chang

Sophomore Forward Leyna Wood scored 2 goals to help the Santa Ana Dons beat the Grossmont College Griffins 2-0 at

Daily Dons first edition

We asked students “How Is your 2019 Going so Far?”

By Oliver Rivero

Daily Dons Is a new series where we talk with Santa Ana College students about their life and their experiences


Sluggish Dons Come Out On Top In The Last Nine Minutes

By el Don News

Freshman forward Gilberto Garcia scored two goals in the last nine minutes of Tuesday’s home game against San Bernardino Valley

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Daily Dons first edition

Daily Dons Is a new series where we talk with Santa Ana College students about their life and their experiences

Young and beautiful women with long and colorful dresses spin around on the stage, drawing viewers into customs and traditions


Lights dim, students ascend the stage. The singers create a half circle around the piano facing the director. Strange musical


Kalonji Saterfield’s vibrant smile lights up the classroom the moment he enters. The communication studies professor greets each student by


Experience traditional Mexican music with a mix of tunes from different regions of the country when Santa Ana College’s mariachi



K-Pop Invasion

By Lesly Guzman

Misunderstandings about the newly popularized KPOP genre has created a negative image for it and ignoring the real epiphany of

Dating Apps_

Online Dating Sucks. Here’s Why

By Breanna Castaneda

“You’re like the cutest Mexican girl I’ve ever hooked up with, but I don’t want a relationship so, I’m going

Lori Loughlin's daughter said she didn't 'really care about school' on her YouTube channel

Dozens of rich parents were indicted last month for buying their children’s way into the country’s top schools. This just


Since my first semester at Santa Ana College in Fall 2018, there has been no place for me to chill

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  • December 10, 2018
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Sitting in one of my classes last month, students were discussing the elections. The classroom quieted down as the professor