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asg voting election

ASG Certifies Election Results After Rescheduling First Day of Voting

By Jason Solares

As the result of voting and campaign violations, part of the student government’s two-day election process was invalidated and re-scheduled,

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  • May 13, 2019
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Subculture Party Brings Rave Culture to DTSA

By Nikki Nelsen

The venue was pitch black with lasers darting back and forth across the dance floor. Women wore vibrant outfits with


Meet Your Two Candidates for ASG President

By el Don News

You’re paying that $25 activity fee every year, but do you have a say in how it’s spent? Associated Student

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  • April 29, 2019
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Everytable’s Grab-and-Go Meals Cost Less in Some Neighborhoods But Not at SAC

By Marta Konarska

Snacks and sandwiches aren’t the only quick food options at campus stores anymore — that is, if you can afford


Amphitheater Gets Hyped With Hip-Hop at First Art Festival

By Lesly Guzman

The emcee cut the music but hands continued to clap on beat. Rapper Rocky Angelini breathed heavily and smiled, his


Star Pitcher Nicole Yniguez is a Silent Leader

By Oliver Rivero

Nicole Yniguez isn’t afraid to stand out. With her signature fake lashes, fresh fluorescent eye shadow, glitter on her hair


Community Colleges to End English and Math Placement Testing

By Ashley Ramynke

For the first time in decades, high school transcripts, coursework and grades will count more than placement testing. Starting in

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  • April 3, 2019
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Lori Loughlin's daughter said she didn't 'really care about school' on her YouTube channel

Admissions Scandal Proves College Is Rigged for the Rich

By Jessica Arredondo

Dozens of rich parents were indicted last month for buying their children’s way into the country’s top schools. This just

Luis Vargas online

Surviving the Ground

By Dorian Zavala

Seven minutes away from completing the goal he had set out for himself eight years ago, Luis Vargas, a skinny