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SAC’s distribution Center/ Picture by: Julian Reynoso

Orange County Opens COVID POD at SAC

By Carrie Graham

Just three days after its opening, the COVID vaccine point of dispensing (POD) at Santa Ana College has been temporarily

Picture By: Julie Leopo

Sac Health and Wellness Center Innovates Campus Mental Health

By Julie Leopo

One of the many things that the school had to innovate during the covid-19 pandemic was the way mental health

SAC Math Lab Goes Virtual

By Carrie Graham

The Santa Ana College’s,  Math Lab is now open six days a week through a daily Zoom link on their

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  • February 12, 2021
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Don Bookstore’s Window Service/ Picture By: Julian Reynoso

Here’s how to get your textbooks this semester

By Julian Reynoso

Getting a hold of your books can be a challenge depending on what your availability might be, but the Don

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  • February 11, 2021
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Santa Ana Election Round Up 2020

By Carrie Graham

Early results are in for the 2020 election, not just for president, but also for many local seats as well


Live Music In the Time of COVID

By Adam Ponce

Without the obnoxious fans yelling, “I love you” every five seconds or the flash of cell phones going off, viewing

Santa Ana General Resources Map

By Dylan Allen

This map includes food banks, COVID-19 test sites, low-cost healthcare, and emergency resources focused on the city of Santa Ana.

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  • November 1, 2020
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Silverado fire on Irvine Boulevard

In photos: Silverado and Blue Ridge Fires

By Julian Reynoso

As fires rage across two different parts of Orange County causing the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents, staff

Officer redirecting traffic during evacuation of Irvine due to the Silverado Fire/ Picture By: Julian Reynoso

Santa Ana, Santiago Canyon Colleges Safe from Silverado Fire

By Carrie Graham

Ash rains down from fiery, smoke-filled skies as winds howl and wreak havoc throughout the county. Is it the end


Silverado Fire Causes Closure of Santiago Canyon College, Evacuations

By Carrie Graham

A wildfire driven by gusting Santa Ana winds broke out in Silverado Canyon early Monday, forcing evacuations in Irvine and