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K-Pop Invasion

By Lesly Guzman

Misunderstandings about the newly popularized KPOP genre has created a negative image for it and ignoring the real epiphany of

Photo illustration by Ashley Ramynke / el Don

Seven Pathways and Thousands of Incoming Students

By Ashley Ramynke

Not all students enter college with a definitive major and career trajectory. With the implementation of Guided Pathways in fall

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  • June 4, 2019
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Professor Kalonji Saterfield Is a Motivating Force For Students

By Liz Fuentes

Kalonji Saterfield’s vibrant smile lights up the classroom the moment he enters. The communication studies professor greets each student by

guided pathway

New Academic Pathways Are Set For Fall 2019

By Ashley Ramynke

Starting fall 2019, incoming first-year students will select from an array of pathways when enrolling at Santa Ana College. Think

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  • May 20, 2019
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Divergency Ricky Solo

REVIEW: Danceworks’ ‘Divergency’ Takes Up A New Stage

By Lesly Guzman

The room was pitch black. The murmuring voices of the crowd grew silent. White smoke began to shoot out from

asg voting election

ASG Certifies Election Results After Rescheduling First Day of Voting

By Jason Solares

As the result of voting and campaign violations, part of the student government’s two-day election process was invalidated and re-scheduled,

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  • May 13, 2019
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Subculture Party Brings Rave Culture to DTSA

By Nikki Nelsen

The venue was pitch black with lasers darting back and forth across the dance floor. Women wore vibrant outfits with


Meet Your Two Candidates for ASG President

By el Don News

You’re paying that $25 activity fee every year, but do you have a say in how it’s spent? Associated Student

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  • April 29, 2019
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Everytable’s Grab-and-Go Meals Cost Less in Some Neighborhoods But Not at SAC

By Marta Konarska

Snacks and sandwiches aren’t the only quick food options at campus stores anymore — that is, if you can afford


Amphitheater Gets Hyped With Hip-Hop at First Art Festival

By Lesly Guzman

The emcee cut the music but hands continued to clap on beat. Rapper Rocky Angelini breathed heavily and smiled, his