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Ceramics students are throwing it down

Byline: Words by Emily Hernandez and Miranda Navarro Isabel Gonzalez crossed the Mexican border when she was only 7 years

Computer keyboard in the Cyber Center
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  • March 30, 2022

Get Hacking at SAC’s New Cyber Center

“Yes, we’re going to teach you how to hack,”  said Dean of Business, Madeline Grant, to the laughs in the

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  • March 30, 2022

Everytable opens across the street with healthy, affordable meals

For the same price as a Big Mac combo, you can walk to the Bristol Marketplace and buy a nutritious

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  • March 28, 2022

District eyes another bond

Paint chips away from the exterior wall of 40-year-old portables on a hot, sunny day at Centennial Education Center. An

Rolling through undefeated

With half of the games ending by way of mercy so far this season, the Dons are ranked first and

New buildings overshadow current ones with repair needs

While SAC is focusing on the newly constructed buildings, it seems as though the old ones are slipping into disrepair

Mid-season recap: Early success to start the season

The Dons are off to a hot start in the season with a current record of 18-5-1. The team currently

Social media is making us desensitized

The world is on fire but we don’t feel the heat anymore. Or at least that’s how it feels while

student walking in front of johnson center
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  • March 28, 2022

Enrollment bounces back

After losing one in ten full time students during the pandemic, officials say the district has recouped its losses through

Science Center evacuated twice in two weeks

The Science Center was evacuated and classes were paused briefly Tuesday morning after a fire alarm triggered shortly before noon.