DC makes a statement with the release of Black Adam

The long-awaited film Black Adam came to the big screen on Oct. 21 and it was a proud day to

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  • November 16, 2022

Bi-Invisibility in Media

Photo by Edgar Galvan/ el Don As the first-born, eldest daughter in a Mexican family being bisexual is the most

It’s time for shorter work weeks

As employees we shouldn’t start our days by having a fight with ourselves just to get to work. 40 hour

“Black Adam” will bring variety to the repetitive DC movie lineup

Since 2014, fans have been raving for Black Adam, an anti-hero character in the DC Universe, to reach the big

Silencing student media is silencing our communities

At el Don News, we’re not neutral about democracy. It fuels our commitment to serve the public, our belief in

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  • September 8, 2022

3 ways to get free food at the on-campus food pantry

You Hungry? Here Are Three Ways to Get Food at The Thrive Center With the Campus Cafe closed, students have

Why society should accept the everyday man wearing makeup

The devil works hard, but drag queens work harder. They look better too. Drag queens and other kinds of celebrities

Mental Health Matters: Read our zine, listen to our podcast

Let’s talk mental health. For the last two semesters, our staff has covered the topic beyond just talking through feelings

A letter to my parents, who don’t understand my anxiety

Dear Mom and Dad, As I continue to learn how to communicate about how I feel, I have been finding

SAC Needs to put More Effort Into Helping its Students

Historically, Santa Ana College has served students who fall into the lower income bracket, so by nature a great majority