Five of my most anticipated movies for the rest of 2024

So far, 2024 has a few memorable films that I would not mind watching again. Spy x Family: Code White

The best episode from each season of Young Sheldon

Comedy is arguably the best genre of TV to watch when someone needs to cheer up and laugh. Friends, The

It’s not “dystopian,” it’s real.

Suzanne Collins first thought of the concept behind The Hunger Games as she was sitting at home watching television. As

OPINION: Old people should not be driving

On the way to my lectures, some decrepit old man turned into me causing thousands of dollars worth of damage

Drake is unresponsive to Kendricks claim

OPINION: Are rap beefs a distraction?

The internet has been obsessed with the rap beef between two award-winning rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar. While everyone online

OPINION: Recent action films are the face of a failing industry

I’ve always been the film critic in my household, holding veto power over what plays during family movie nights. I

A girl with pointed teeth screaming

OPINION: Abigail is the best modern vampire movie

Vampire movies never interest me, and you can thank the Twilight movies for that. Before I saw Abigail, the only

A group of students standing outside of the Thrive Center

OPINION: The Thrive Center helped me in my worst times. It can help you too.

Last month, two unexpected things happened to me almost simultaneously. While we were getting record amounts of rain, one of

A student using a VR headset in class

OPINION: Virtual Reality should focus on entertainment and media, not workplace

I realize in its current state, VR is not able to focus on work. The words “virtual reality” do not

bring back video rentals graphic

OPINION: Bring back the video store!

Standing in front of a video rental counter, dressed in tattered bedazzled Skechers and a white and blue school uniform,