UCI’s decision is unfair

For those who enrolled this year intending to transfer to the closest UC campus it feels like the rug was

New Santa Ana housing unattainable to most

On the bus going to school, I see apartment buildings being built along the streets with LEASING SOON signs in

LAS VOCES DE SANTA ANA : Como la perdida de Northgate ha dejado un vacío en la comunidad Latina de la Calle Cuatro.

El primero de diciembre del 2020, la ciudad de Santa Ana aprobó la demolición de Northgate Gonzalez Market para construir

LAS VOCES DE SANTA ANA: How the loss of Northgate left a void in Downtown Santa Ana’s Latino community

After two months of appeal, the City of Santa Ana on Dec. 1, 2020 approved the construction of 99 residential

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  • October 16, 2023

A leak in the men’s restroom caused water to shut off

There is a 63’ by 42’ hole in the ceiling of the men’s bathroom with a plastic bag covering it

The war on TikTok

On March 7 Congress introduced the RESTRICT Act, a bill that would give the government the power to ban TikTok.

Artificial intelligence should not write pregame articles for major publications

ESPN publishes daily content written by artificial intelligence. Not only do these articles leave behind unedited flaws and factual inaccuracies,

MLS fans chant horribly- here’s how they can fix it

While soccer has steadily grown into American culture, one thing has remained stagnant: chant culture. Americans suck at creating original

News isn’t always about the problems, it’s also about solutions

Let’s talk about what’s going right. This spring, struggling students are finally getting the resources and visibility they deserve. Programs

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