Saudi Deal Proves District’s Foundation Lacks Transparency

Photo Illustration by el Don Staff
Photo Illustration by el Don Staff
Photo Illustration by el Don Staff
The district’s foundation emphasizes economic growth in its mission statement with no mention of its students

Staff Editorial

The Rancho Santiago Community College District has a history of not communicating effectively with the people it serves.

The most recent example is the ongoing battle between the faculty association and members of the district foundation over a controversial deal with Saudi Arabia.

Even if you disregard the fact that we’re doing business with a country known for violating human rights, it is clear that the administrative staff has no interest in transparency and dialogue with faculty and students.

It seems like they care more about the money they’ll be making off the deal with Saudi Arabia, rather than focusing on their own.

Public records show that the district’s foundation has changed its mission statement multiple times to emphasize its focus on economic growth with no mention of students.

When concerned students and faculty need to file an order for public records from its own district and instead receives responses from lawyers, its obvious there are some serious communication issues.

Elected officials, regardless of the size of their constituency, should be held to the highest standard.

We should depend on them to pay attention to their constituents’ needs, rather than focus on themselves or their interests.

Rather than fight over issues in the Middle East, faculty, classified staff and district leaders should open a dialogue and focus on helping students the best way possible.

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