Big Brother Police State



By Jorge Campos

Another case of police brutality swept the nation last month, an-all-too familiar scene with a dead black male and a city angry at those asked to protect it.

The man was Freddy Gray and the city was Baltimore.

Gray died in police custody, with his death left to speculation because it was caught on video.

The three highest ranking city officials are black and the police department is half black, making this problem less racial than it had been before in New York or Ferguson, Americans now live in a police state.

Poverty and drug abuse has riddled Baltimore with a gaping disconnect between the police department and the residents.

Since 2011, the city has paid out more than $6 million in settlements and earmarked $4.2 million more for fiscal year 2015, the Baltimore Sun reports. It seems as if they almost expect this problem to happen sooner or later.

Until serious reform is brought to the police department, there will be nothing but unrest and hostility in one of the largest cities in the in the northeast.


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