Chipotle To Go Natural



By Haide Hernandez

Chipotle’s “G-M-Over It” and, as of April, has stopped serving genetically modified food, making the chain the first national brand to do so.

GMOs are created by inserting genes from one species, a bacteria or a virus, into the DNA of another, according to the Chipotle website. It creates a plant with unnatural characteristics.

Corn, papaya, soybean and zucchini are some of the most common genetically modified crops.

Most animals in the U.S. are fed genetically modified food, making it difficult for Chipotle to buy meat and dairy products that haven’t been altered.

But some farms have resisted the temptations to feed livestock modified foods. A movement to switch back to all natural ingredients has swept the country, with restaurants like Panera going the same route.

“It’s cool to know that one of my favorite places to eat is across the street and its actually good for me,” SAC student Tyler Siudizinski said.

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