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News isn’t always about the problems, it’s also about solutions

Let’s talk about what’s going right. This spring, struggling students are finally getting the resources and visibility they deserve. Programs

Frustrations and concern grow over new health and science building’s opening

The new Health Sciences building is scheduled to open in the spring of 2024. If the Johnson Student and Science

Hungry For Attention

Insecurity among Santa Ana College students is common, whether it’s not being able to afford a meal on campus, play

Orange County Needs to Keep The Blunts Rolling

We are proud that Santa Ana is leading the state in the recreational marijuana movement, being the first and only city in Orange County with permits to sell recreational marijuana legally.

Stop the Stigma of Mental Disorders

The challenges faced by those who suffer from mental illness are real, yet discussing it is still taboo.

Rise Up And Use Your Voice

President Donald J. Trump’s leadership has brought fear and division into our community. Don’t let that stop you from speaking out.

Let’s Celebrate the New Recreational Marijuana Act

California’s new Adult Use of Marijuana Act deserves our support because it gives us more freedom, boosts our economy and

The Venue Is to Blame in DTSA Punk Show Death

Staff Editorial The fatal March 3 stabbing of Nathan Alfaro in downtown Santa Ana is a cruel reminder of the risks associated with developing

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  • February 29, 2016

Social Media Helped OC Sheriffs Capture Inmates After Jailbreak

Staff Editorial The week-long manhunt for three inmates who escaped from the Santa Ana Central Men’s Jail, about a mile

Santa Ana College’s Birthday Celebration a Success

Staff Editorial The Centennial Celebration lit up the neighborhood, with a fireworks display that finished off Santa Ana’s 100th birthday