The Venue Is to Blame in DTSA Punk Show Death

Photo By Jorge Campos / el Don
Photo By Jorge Campos / el Don
Photo By Jorge Campos / el Don

Staff Editorial

The fatal March 3 stabbing of Nathan Alfaro in downtown Santa Ana is a cruel reminder of the risks associated with developing a nightlife scene in a city with a history of violence.

Alfaro’s murder was not his fault, nor was it the result of a lack of effort by police.

The altercation that led to the former musicians death began inside Underground DTSA, a sub-surface nightclub.

Security for the nightclub, if any were present, could have prevented the incident by checking for weapons at the door and intervening when the fight broke out that led to the stabbing.

The incident began in a mosh-pit, where it may be difficult to identify individuals if they are dancing or fighting, nonetheless, the safety of any concert-goer is the responsibility of the venue and sponsors of a show.

If they are willing to take money from those who attend their shows, they must also be willing to ensure their customers’ safety.

Alfaro’s murder is reminiscent of the 2014 fatal beating of Kim Pham. Both murders occurred at a downtown venue, and both were vivid reminders to Santa Ana residents of the crimes that plagued the area in the early 1990s.

Gentrification issues aside, if clubs and other venues downtown sell alcohol and host shows that might lead to violence, they should do their part and protect their guests.

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