Frida Mural

The Frida Cinema Is the Only Art House Theater in OC

By Isa Bulnes-Shaw

“The Frida is a home for everyone. We’re a safe space here to bring people up through the art of cinema and through the art of connecting people.”

3 Party Bars in Downtown Santa Ana

By Nikki Nelsen

Downtown Santa Ana is often overlooked as a nightlife destination, but hidden within the changing city core are poppin’ bars built for meeting new people while you take a break from your studies


Don Churros Serves a Homestyle Jalisco Classic

By Jessmarie Flores

Unlike most new-wave churro places that emphasize toppings and other add-ons, Don Churro brings a homestyle recipe that was perfected by owner Jaime Gomez-Nunez’s grandfather, a respected churro maker in the highlands of Jalisco.

  • Food
  • May 24, 2018
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LibroMobile Is The Tiniest Bookstore in Santa Ana

By Diana Romano

In the midst of bustling Fourth St., Sarah Rafael Garcia stands out on her own. She converses with curious bystanders, engaged in each conversation. Behind her lay rows of books, neatly arranged on wooden shelves and crates. She wears a beaming smile as she presents Libromobile, her solution for downtown Santa Ana’s missing Latino bookstore.

Day of the Dead Festival Returns to Santa Ana Saturday

By Carlos Duarte

Viva La Vida returns with its 3rd Annual Dia de Los Muertos Festival Saturday Oct. 21st in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana.

Hundreds March Through Downtown Santa Ana to Defend DACA

By Timothy Bravo

Marching along the streets of downtown Santa Ana Tuesday, Luis Ramirez would not back down. With a megaphone clutched in his right hand and an army behind him, the sea of protesters flooded the streets, carrying with them waves of protest.

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  • September 12, 2017
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Get Your Grub on at Santa Ana’s 3 September Food Events

By Diana Romano

Get to know Santa Ana’s award-winning restaurant scene all month long with three major food events that showcase the city’s culinary diversity. 

Yost Theatre Closes For Summer

By Nikki Nelsen

Santa Ana EDM lovers will have to find a new venue to party this summer, as the Yost Theatre will

Santa Ana’s Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival Celebrates Diversity

By Diana Rodriguez

Santa Ana’s Cinco de Mayo Festival returns to downtown for its 18th year with a few notable changes.

A New Era Of Protest For Santa Ana’s Youth

By R. Nicanor Santana

In resistance to the election of President Donald J. Trump and his conservative policies, Santa Ana’s youth are finding their voices by marching, protesting and using their Constitutional rights to create change at the local level.

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  • May 3, 2017
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