Hungry For Attention

Photo by Thought Catalog

Insecurity among Santa Ana College students is common, whether it’s not being able to afford a meal on campus, play a sport or pass a math class.

Getting food at SAC is a hassle, unhealthy and overpriced. It’s a coin toss of getting expensive snacks or going hours without food until one goes home. Outside of school, the only places to go are fast-food restaurants.

Our well-cared-for sister school, Santiago Canyon College, has a food pantry where students can get groceries, snacks and eco-friendly hygiene products from Whole Foods.

In addition, athletes don’t get the encouraging audience they need. AB-705 has left many of our neediest students behind. The financial aid being offered is not sufficient enough.

Despite this, there are faculty and staff on campus who go out of their way to care for students. Teachers and tutors advocate for extra math and English support. Coaches push athletes forward and dedicate themselves to their teams. Programs like the Associated Student Government host events with free food on campus.

The administration, however, has failed to attend to our needs. If nothing is done, then we can only expect further declines in enrollment and campus community.

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