Let’s Celebrate the New Recreational Marijuana Act

Benji Johnson, 62, rolls a marijuana cigarette in her home in Laguna Woods, Calif. She says she smokes to releive discomfort from breast cancer chemotherapy treatment and to lessen arthritis pain in her back. (Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times/MCT)
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California’s new Adult Use of Marijuana Act deserves our support because it gives us more freedom, boosts our economy and eliminates jail time and fines for adults carrying small amounts of pot.

California voters passed Proposition 64 on Nov. 8.  Now adults 21 and older may now carry small amounts of marijuana, and grow it or smoke in the comfort of their homes.

Taxing pot sales will add an estimated $20 billion to California’s economy over the next 20 years, much-needed funds that can be used to help California’s economy grow.

Now law enforcement will no longer be able to jail people for possessing small amounts of marijuana which will also reduce the number of people in jail and save tax dollars.

Adults will have to take responsibility in consuming marijuana, though, as they do with alcohol, and refrain from being under the influence in public and while driving.

The California Highway Patrol rallied against the measure, saying it could double the number of traffic accidents involving people driving while intoxicated. But people violating the law will be punished.

When pot sales become legal in California, the plant will be grown locally, which can help reduce the demand for marijuana imported from other countries, like Mexico and Canada.

With the majority of Californians supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana, we are slowly moving towards more individual freedom, more small government and increased local control.

We are also helping to grow the economy through a plant that has been used and consumed for generations.

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