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UCI’s decision is unfair

For those who enrolled this year intending to transfer to the closest UC campus it feels like the rug was

SAC Needs to put More Effort Into Helping its Students

Historically, Santa Ana College has served students who fall into the lower income bracket, so by nature a great majority

New buildings overshadow current ones with repair needs

While SAC is focusing on the newly constructed buildings, it seems as though the old ones are slipping into disrepair

STAFF EDITORIAL: Short-lived jab efforts leave students unsatisfied

As students finally returned to campus, Santa Ana College launched its Vax for the Win campaign, enticing students to upload

Orange County Needs to Keep The Blunts Rolling

We are proud that Santa Ana is leading the state in the recreational marijuana movement, being the first and only city in Orange County with permits to sell recreational marijuana legally.

Health Center Fails Students

Santa Ana College’s decision to drastically reduce available nurse hours at the Health and Wellness Center is a clear disregard for the well-being of the SAC student body.

Campus Safety Officers Are Failing Students

Staff Editorial Communications Professor Vera Holder acted like a hero when campus security left her and her students to fend

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  • September 16, 2015

OEC Building Allegations Show RSCCD Officials Still Lack Transparency

Staff Editorial The Rancho Santiago Community College District faces allegations of securities fraud by failing to disclose necessary repairs to

Saudi Deal Proves District’s Foundation Lacks Transparency

The district’s foundation emphasizes economic growth in its mission statement with no mention of its students Staff Editorial The Rancho Santiago Community College District has a