OEC Building Allegations Show RSCCD Officials Still Lack Transparency

Jose Servin / el Don
Jose Servin / el Don
Jose Servin / el Don

Staff Editorial

The Rancho Santiago Community College District faces allegations of securities fraud by failing to disclose necessary repairs to one of its buildings before Measure Q funds were allocated to fix it in 2012.

The Orange Education Center offered services to about 1,000 students, but is now closed for renovations to meet earthquake regulations.

This may sound repetitive, but it seems like the district has serious communication problems.

The same issue arose last semester after a deal with two technical schools in Saudi Arabia drew legal action from faculty and angry letters from human rights groups.

District trustees were accused of violating California’s open meetings law, and had to reapprove motions voted on years before.

Leaders at the district have consistently failed to tell the truth. This is becoming a trend.

The biggest issue with the Orange Education Center, which is going to cost about the same price to fix as it did to build, is that people’s lives were at risk. Unlike an administrative violation, which can be fixed through a re-vote, a faulty building could lead to injury or death.

District officials need to let students and faculty know what they are doing, since they are supposed to be representing their interests.

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