SAC Needs to put More Effort Into Helping its Students


Historically, Santa Ana College has served students who fall into the lower income bracket, so by nature a great majority is facing financial insecurity. There are students who need to work two or three jobs to support themselves. Financial and housing barriers cause a great deal of stress for students who are overworked, walking a fine line between prioritizing their jobs and their education. Consequently, they may see dropping out as their only option. SAC needs to continue to provide aid to students, keeping in mind that the demographic they serve is working to break generational cycles of poverty. One way they can do this is by providing better student services and amenities. There is a lack of access to food on campus and places to study for students who are on campus late at night due to their work schedules or personal life. 

SAC recently held a TikTok contest that awarded the winning student with a year of free tuition and books. Instead of addressing the issue of the educational fees being unaffordable for students, SAC offered them a competition to compete in as some sort of Hunger Games parody.

If SAC has the time to hold a contest and can afford all these new building changes, why can’t they afford to assist their students? Especially when enrollment numbers are incredibly important to the school and its finances. Students often do not have the funds to pay for everything their enrollment entails. If every student received a campus store gift card then that would help students buy books, school supplies and even food. More funds need to be allocated for unhoused students. The school desperately needs to improve their communication with students about already existing resources. SAC and the district need to focus on aiding their students rather than increasing their own salary. 

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