The war on TikTok

By Eduardo Velasquez

On March 7 Congress introduced the RESTRICT Act, a bill that would give the government the power to ban TikTok.


The real issue with enrollment

By Eduardo Velasquez

Santa Ana College is blowing $123,000 on a camera crew for an ad that doesn’t even target a local audience.

Work Week illustration

It’s time for shorter work weeks

By Eduardo Velasquez

As employees we shouldn’t start our days by having a fight with ourselves just to get to work. 40 hour

Column – ACP/Pinnacles Entry

By Eduardo Velasquez

The new Superman is bisexual, but it shouldn’t be big news   Social media is making us desensitized   Why


Why society should accept the everyday man wearing makeup

By Eduardo Velasquez

The devil works hard, but drag queens work harder. They look better too. Drag queens and other kinds of celebrities


SAC Needs to put More Effort Into Helping its Students

By Eduardo Velasquez

Historically, Santa Ana College has served students who fall into the lower income bracket, so by nature a great majority


Social media is making us desensitized

By Eduardo Velasquez

The world is on fire but we don’t feel the heat anymore. Or at least that’s how it feels while

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Listen to Our New Podcast Episodes

By Eduardo Velasquez

Information seems to be in short supply here at Santa Ana College so our Distraction Podcast offers a variety of


The new Superman is bisexual, but it shouldn’t be big news

By Eduardo Velasquez

On National Coming Out Day last month, DC Comics announced the next issue of Superman: Son of Kal El will reveal the

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  • November 9, 2021
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