Innovation Pacemaker Entry: el Don’s Year of Zines

As a news outlet at a two-year institution, the el Don and its audience are ever-changing. Even when we’re not

Best Social Media Promotion- ACP/Pinnacles

During the 2021-2022 academic year, el Don staff returned to the newsroom for the first time in 17 months and

Best Campus Engagement – ACP/Pinnacles

An entry in this new category will consist of a written description of no more than two pages, with accompanying

Column – ACP/Pinnacles Entry

The new Superman is bisexual, but it shouldn’t be big news   Social media is making us desensitized   Why

CCMA Entry: Best COVID 19 Coverage

The big COVID news in our community in 2021 was vaccines. Santa Ana has one of the lowest vaccine rates

Dons add another conference title

After 10 years the Dons are once again Orange Empire Conference champions. The last time that Santa Ana won the

Don’s soccer season recap

Men’s With a dominant defense, the Dons are leading the Orange Empire Conference undefeated in their first season back on

el don 2020-2021 Social Media Promotion Entry

Local record stores running strong amid pandemic by Gisselle Roldan https://eldonnews.org/style/2021/04/28/local-record-stores-running-strong-amid-pandemic/ As record stores began to reopen during spring 2021,

el don 2020-2021 Social Media Reporting Entry

8A. Social Media Reporting Coverage using social media platforms for reporting, updating and engaging with the collegiate community. Collect all

5 ways to unwind after finals

 As we finish finals, students may be looking for ways to unwind. Common methods usually include listening to music, meditating,