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Information seems to be in short supply here at Santa Ana College so our Distraction Podcast offers a variety of topics ranging from campus news to self care tips.

Hosted by Emily Hernandez and Eduardo Velasquez for the 2021-2022 school year, episodes are produced by a team of journalism students and are available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 10: A Mental Health Discussion, We Asked Students How They Feel

This week we explore the current state of the Mental Health of students and faculty. Miranda Navarro, student reporter, and social media editor interviewed students and two professors, hoping to de-stigmatize Mental Health and bring more awareness.

Episode 9: Welcome Back Spring 2022 Semester and Team Introductions

The start of the new year brought a new semester and a new podcast team! In this episode we have our new members introduce themselves and report on what they learned this first week of school.

Episode 8: The Great Quit

With prices and inflation on the rise and minimum wage not getting any better 2021 broke records when it comes to the number of people who left their jobs. In this episode our team goes out on campus and ask students wether or not they’re quitting their jobs and what it’s like working while also being a college student.

Episode 7: Welcome Back Episode, Talking to Students on Campus

After a year of online learning SAC opens up its doors again allowing students back on campus, we discuss this and hold minor student interviews asking them what its like being back. We also hold a full length interview with el Dons visual editor Kate G. Bustamante.

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