7 tips to take the next steps towards transferring

Class of 2021 graduation
Courtesy of Santa Ana College. From left to right: Class of 2021 graduates B​​rent Debord, Kelly Foote, Catherine Bartle and Nazia Noor​

It’s March which means acceptance letters are out for students transferring to a 4-year university. If you want this to be you next year and have questions or need guidance, Santa Ana College has a helpful University Transfer Center. We spoke with Transfer Center coordinator Leo Pastrana about what you can do to get the transfer help you need.

1.) Visit or contact the University Transfer Center 

Get in contact with the University Transfer Center either by visiting in person, by phone or by using the virtual chat on their website. The front desk staff can answer basic questions you may have about the services and programs offered to students. You can also schedule a more in-depth appointment with a counselor. The University Transfer Center is in the Administration Building, room S-110. Their phone number is 714-564-6165 and is currently only accepting voicemails.

2.) Make an Appointment with a Counselor

The University Transfer Center offers counseling appointments for all SAC students. The counselors can give you more in-depth information about the services and programs that could benefit you. They can also help create an education plan that fits your major and the school you would like to apply to. 

3.) Attend a University Application Workshop

Once you’re near the university’s open application time frame, make sure you sign up for an application workshop. CSU and UC workshops show students how to apply for each respective system. If you want to attend an out of state or private university, your counselor can advise you on the best way to apply. SAC does not automatically apply to universities for students but the University Transfer Center will guide students through the process.

4.) Apply to a University

After you receive guidance from the application workshop and learn how the process works, you should begin applying. Apply as early as you can just in case you encounter issues or have questions. You can also utilize the University Transfer Center for assistance with filling out the application. Make sure you keep track of important dates related to your application. Some universities may have specific deadlines that you need to follow in order to be on track with your application as well as your potential acceptance to the university.

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5.) Set up Financial Aid (if needed)

After you have applied to a university you should take a look at financial aid. As mentioned in step 4, keep note of important dates, especially related to financial aid. It’s best to get the financial aid application done as early as possible so that you don’t forget or miss the deadline. This way, if you get accepted to a university, your financial aid application is already completed. 

6.) Petition for Graduation from SAC

Double check that you are on track with graduating from SAC. You can do this by asking a counselor to assist you with the graduation petition process. If you have already petitioned for graduation, you can ask to double check that your petition has been received. If you don’t petition for graduation within the time frame required by the university you have applied to then you may have issues with your application and potential acceptance.

7.) Check your Email Regularly

Most universities will communicate with you through email. Make sure you are monitoring your email regularly so that you don’t miss any requests for supplemental information or important reminders from the university you are applying to. This may be the way the university gives you your acceptance letter, so definitely keep checking.

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