Providing nutritious and delicious cheap meals for all in Santa Ana

Fresh made Elote Caesar Salad priced at $7.45, one of many affordable heatable food options at Everytable. Photo illustration by Lizeth Martinez / el Don

With many restaurant options to choose from around Santa Ana College, Everytable is considered one of the healthier and more affordable options. Everytable is a restaurant with a mission to provide accessible and affordable fresh meals to all.

According to the Everytable annual impact report, “We believe that nutritious food is a human right and should be available to everyone, because people with access to good food have better health outcomes and overall quality of life,” stated on their website.

Created by Sam Polk, Everytable was inspired by the non-profit organization called Feast. Polk saw the need for on-the-go nutritional meals specifically in South LA and decided to make a difference.

In this economy, finding the time and money to purchase and make meals for oneself or for a family is not so easy. With a poverty rate of 12.3 percent in Santa Ana, students and families struggle to make ends meet. Food chains see this as a way to make a profit, deciding to give out coupons to deceive people into believing they are saving money. 

Along with being able to afford cheap meals, Everytable offers student discounts to SAC students, with proof of identification. Not only are students able to get meals for breakfast, lunch and or dinner but Everytable also has family meals for under $20.  

Everytable has taken control of figuring out its price strategy. Depending on where you live, Evertable will focus on how much the community can afford on food. Based on the information, they receive a Turkey taco bowl that can be $8.25 in Santa Ana, but $6.95 in South LA. 

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Although it may seem like a small difference, a dollar or two off is -significant to many who can’t afford to eat out. Since the first opening of the restaurant in 2016, Everytable has sold over 5.2 million meals and continues to make fresh meals affordable for all.

With 69 locations, 60 being in California and the rest in New York, you can find an Everytable Right across from SAC, in the Bristol Marketplace. These meals can vary in price from $5.54 to $8.95 without tax.

The meals provided by Everytable range from salads to pasta, salmon, sandwiches, and so much more. No matter if you are eating a cold or a hot meal, these meals are ready to go. These meals can be ordered in person or online. You can pre-order online and pick it up in person or have it delivered.

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