Spring 2024 Facilities Town Hall

Students to voice their opinions at the facilities town hall meeting to Vice President Bart Hoffman. Photo by Daniela Derramadero / el Don

Students are irritated that facilities on campus are inaccessible and broken down. Lack of communication lead students to voice their opinions at the Associated Student Government facilities town hall meeting on Feb. 28. 

Held at The Spot in JSC-101, Vice President Bart Hoffman alongside student government members Emmanuel Rodriguez and Julia Guerrero answered questions from students expressing worries through an anonymous Google form questionnaire.  

With a concerned expression, Hoffman was met with multiple livid students wondering why the college continues to lack basic needs. 

“Administrators are always in their office and never out around campus. I am worried why there are new construction plans when necessities are not being solved,” said human services and education major Marcela Rosas.    

Students raised concerns regarding the issue of elevators working, as well as why the dance studio has no hydration station. Yet, the school is too focused on celebrating the demolition of the Russell Hall building that will allow for a new campus entrance.  

Baffled and unsure with how to respond, Hoffman expressed his sympathy and said, “We hear you with those basic needs.”  

Hoffman informed students of the difficulty faced with facilities being replaced and fixed. He reveals that for facility issues to become a priority, an administrator must submit a work order that will be tracked and put into a system. 

Although work orders are needed for facilities to be considered, Hoffman stresses the fiscal budget is $118 million. 

“We only have so much money, and we do the best we can,” Hoffman stated.

Yet, around $8 million is allocated for maintenance and operation. While that sounds like a tolerable amount, he expresses that the budget includes the cost of all of the salaries for all 56 employees within operations. 

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“Given all the facilities that we have to maintain, the maintenance of them is on a schedule, we prioritize what needs to be repaired, replaced, and fixed and we take the resources that we have,” Hoffman stated. 

What Hoffman failed to express to students was that the demolishment of the Russell Hall building is the last bond SAC has from the city. This leaves many students wondering what are the next steps being taken to better support students. 

“I think the communication between your administration, and the students is broken. We are separated,” said Rosas. 

Sophia Cortez

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