Russell Hall to be demolished as a result of the two new science buildings

Russell Hall was named after Herbert O. Russell, who was a physics professor from 1924 to 1951. Photo by Geovanni Esparza / el Don

Russell Hall is expected to be demolished in May 2024, following the completion of the Health Science building. 

The Rancho Santiago Board of Trustees approved a bid of $2.4 million on Aug. 14, 2023, to demolish Russel Hall. 

After the demolition is complete the space will then become a student drop-off spot. 

“The space will be converted into a welcoming campus entry, which opens up a visual connection to the center of campus,” stated Dalilah Davaloz, SAC’s Public Information Officer. 

According to Davaloz, construction for this campus entry will start in the Fall of 2024 following the demolition of Russell Hall.

Both students and professors are looking forward to the destruction of Russell Hall in favor of the Science Center and Health Science building.

“I feel like it is an outdated building. The seating in the lecture halls are very small and uncomfortable and the other science building is very nice. It’s much larger, spacious, up to date” said an anonymous nursing student who has had three classes in Russell Hall.

“The building as a whole is old and does need to be demolished,” said Dr. Saeid Eidgahy, the Dean of Science, Mathematics & Health sciences.

The first floor of Russell Hall consists of a few large classrooms, while the other rooms through the hallway are currently not in use. 

Russell Hall has been a part of SAC since Spring 1967. While students and staff members are in favor of the new science buildings, some say that the building was good while it lasted. 

“It’s been a great building. But there are a lot of things that are outdated and things that could have been repaired,” said Dale Mixer, Nursing Professor at SAC. “Since half the occupancy moved out into the new Science building two years ago. This building hasn’t really gotten all the attention that an older building needs.”

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Russell Hall was named after Herbert O. Russell, who was a physics professor from 1924 to 1951 and an interim director for SAC from 1947 to 1949.

A grand opening for the Health Sciences building is set for Jan. 2024 with classes beginning in March 2024 for the Spring semester that year.

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