Five of my most anticipated movies for the rest of 2024

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These movies are releasing in between May and December of this year. Photo illustration by Marivn Espinoza/ el Don

So far, 2024 has a few memorable films that I would not mind watching again. Spy x Family: Code White is an exceptional addition to the anime series. Mean Girls (2024) had an interesting musical twist, and IF felt like a live-action Pixar movie.

The second half of this year looks much more promising than the first, with movies like Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, Joker: Folie a Deux and Twisters bringing excitement to many movie fans. However, these other upcoming films also have the potential to be the best of 2024.

Inside Out 2 (Release Date: June 14, 2024)

The original Inside Out is a touching and emotional Pixar film with some comedy, and this one portrayed emotions as characters. The film filled me with joy and sadness and I loved it, which is why I look forward to seeing Riley’s emotions again in the upcoming sequel.

In this sequel, the character model for Anxiety is one of Riley’s new emotions. The portrayal for the character of Anxiety is how most people would picture the mood. But seeing her be nervous when something does not go as planned makes it relatable. Her personality fits in with her name, and I will walk into the movie theater with joy, the emotion, not the character.

A Quiet Place: Day One (Release Date: June 28, 2024)

A Quiet Place is one of the best modern horror films from the late 2010s, and the 2020 sequel is as brilliant as the original. While I watch these films, I wonder how the sound-sensitive creatures arrived on earth, and A Quiet Place: Day One will whisper the answer in my ear.

Both previous films were mostly silent because the creatures attack anything that makes even the slightest sound. Hearing a busy city in the trailer proves it will be absolute mayhem for Day One once the creatures arrive. This prequel could turn the franchise into a flawless trilogy and bring more hype to A Quiet Place: Part III.

Deadpool and Wolverine
(Release Date: July 26, 2024)

The first two Deadpool films are very entertaining, and Ryan Reynolds brings a lot to the table. He has countless hilarious one-liners and jokes and irresistible charisma.

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The first trailer happened during the Super Bowl. I was excited enough for another Deadpool film, but I screamed with joy once I noticed Wolverine on the screen. Especially knowing Hugh Jackman hasn’t played Wolverine since Logan in 2017. Deadpool on the other hand was brought into Disney’s Marvel main timeline bringing them to the whole post-Thanos Marvel. Therefore making a big crossover in Sony x Disney history.  This could be the best installment of the Deadpool franchise because of the chemistry Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman share.

The Wild Robot (Release Date: September 27, 2024)

Dreamworks has not released any memorable movies recently. The worst example is Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate on Peacock, a horrible sequel to the cult classic Megamind. So, The Wild Robot is a step in the right direction for the animation studio instead of making a cheap continuation of a beloved movie.

The trailer showed such beautiful and colorful animations for this film based on a children’s book series. It didn’t show plot details or spoil anything, but that is how a trailer should be. The smooth character movements and stunning, eye-catching colors were enough to make me excited for this film. Dreamworks needs a redeeming film after that unbearable Megamind sequel.

Wicked (Release Date: November 27, 2024)

The trailer for this one does show more story than a trailer should. However, Wicked is a well-known musical, so fans of the stage version are familiar with how it ends. What makes it seem promising is Ariana Grande’s and Cynthia Erivo’s singing. 

The singing, the interesting visuals, the familiar storyline, and the promising chemistry between the two leads make me want to watch this on opening night. As a lover of musical films, I feel this one will be wicked.

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