Three new restaurants in Santa Ana

If you don’t know anything about tequila, servers will bring you up to three samples and talk you through your choices. Photo by Kevin Rodriguez / el Don

Looking for a new restaurants in Santa Ana now it’s time to stop by and enjoy a good time with family and friends at these trending go-to spots that absolutely offer a variety of new experiences such as tasty food, refreshing cocktails and all in such a good price.

Amor y Tequila

Amor y Tequila is a friendly Mexican bar and restaurant that opened up in early July, located on Third Street. The owner’s right hand associate, Irene Garcia, said their goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere, where everyone is welcome.“My goal is to prepare Karaoke night along the way and hear beautiful voices from the community,” she says. Monday through Wednesday they host events such as tequila tasting, paint night, and football fan game night. Thursday through Sunday they refer to their restaurant as “night life,” because after dinner they turn their restaurant into a dance floor, and have their DJ play different genres of music to enjoy in the moment. 

224 E Third St, (657) 231-6005; @amorytequiladtsa

La Lucha is the dedication you give in anything you put just how wrestlers put in their heart onto the ring

La Lucha Mexican Kitchen

 La Lucha is a themed Mexican restaurant, located on Harbor Boulevard that opened up this past year. The environment is colorful and full of lucha libre decor such as face masks all around. The owner, Edgar Bernal chose this name to remind customers that anything is possible if we devote time and effort.. Bernal also shared that the design makes a special connection to his Hispanic cultural roots. “It is always important to embrace your culture and have a representation wherever you go,” said Bernal. Their alambre asada meat is very tasty and crunchy, definitely worth trying. Bernal also mentioned that they are also excited to be celebrating their one year anniversary this upcoming November.

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120 S Harbor Blvd, (657) 232-0359 @ laluchamk

Their ramen is freshly made and have a variety of different noddle options along with the two of the most spicy sauce they provide

Gokumi Ramen & Yakitoti

Gokumi Ramen & Yakitori is a modern Japanese restaurant located on  Hutton Center Dr. The restaurant is full of brown, wooden decor and features an elegant see-through glass kitchen, and opened up the first week of September. The owner Long Kong, chose this location to serve the workers and students of the community. Long says he owns six other businesses in China, and is happy to witness the evolution of his restaurant over time. The pork-base tonkotsu ramen was creamy and tasteful, sure to please any ramen lover. “I would like my clients to always walk in happy and leave knowing anyone is welcomed,” says Kong.

2 Hutton Center Dr, (714) 617-4540

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