Virtual parking passes launching soon

The new parking permits will be attached to your license plate. Photo by Ed Frierson / el Don

The district is introducing a new virtual parking system this semester, but still doesn’t have an official date for launch.

The new system will use license plate recognition, which scans license plate numbers using handheld devices or equipment mounted on top of security officers’ vehicles. The scanner can determine whether or not the license plate is attached to a valid virtual parking permit.

License plate scanners are mounted on top of Campus Safety and Security Vehicles. Photo by Ed Frierson / el Don

According to District Safety & Security Lt. Dave Waters, an email will be sent out soon directing students to WebAdvisor. Student parking permits will cost $30 for the rest of the semester and allow students to park in lots 6 through 13. Visitors parking in Lot 3 is free for the first half hour. Officials said the cost of semester-long parking passes will not be prorated but there will be a grace period for implementation. 

“Ticketing of vehicles will not be immediate, but students are encouraged to purchase permits within a reasonable amount of time after an announcement has been sent to all staff and students by way of SAC email,” Waters said.

Waters said that the new virtual pass system reduces waste and will allow his team to monitor all cars on campus more efficiently. It may also reduce the risk of vehicle and property theft.

“Primarily we want to ensure the safety of all personnel on campus,” he said.   

Students can add multiple license plates to their new permit, but only one registered vehicle at a time can be on campus.

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