#DailyDons: “The best compliment I received was…”

Daily Dons second edition
Oliver Rivero/el Don

Daily Dons is a new series where we talk with Santa Ana College students about their life and their experiences on and off campus. My goal is to give students a platform to be heard.

In this week’s edition of Daily Dons we ask students: “What is the best compliment you ever recieved?”

Abraham Muñoz, Freshman

“That I’m a hard worker, I don’t sleep until I get the job done because my parents raised me to be like that. They are also hard workers. A girl in my class, her name is Cindy, told me that. We were doing math work and I didn’t stop until I got the right answer. I know that I’m not the smartest but my work ethic is good. She noticed my hard work. I felt really strong when she told me that about me and more motivated so I felt great. My parents never tell me things like that. They’re too busy putting food on the table and I respect them for that. I got that work ethic from them and I am blessed.”

Angel Sifuentes, Freshman

“They have complimented me on my style before like sweaters and jeans. Right now I ain’t that drippy, but people have complimented me on my clothes. People have complimented me on hair but right now it’s a little nappy and frizzy. Back in high school, a girl named Jennifer she liked my style. Like, not just my shirt but everything: the shoes the type of brand and the jeans. I was wearing a red Polo shirt and blue jeans and a pair of Jordans that were red and black and I also had a chain too. When she told me that it made me feel good about myself because I’m actually trying to dress good not for the ladies but for myself because I want to look good and feel good. It made me smile like ‘Oh wow someone appreciates my style.’ It made me happy. When I was in kinder my mom would tell me to tuck in my shirt all the time and I would do my hair spiky and also would have me wear a belt so I wasn’t saggy and my pants would fit me right. Before, I wouldn’t care about my style but know I do care and I started to buy clothes then I tried out new clothes that made me look good. My best ‘fit was a black Calvin Klein shirt and it had a white and black pattern along with black jeans with Vans shoes. I also have different types of shoes like Vans and Jordans and Creative Recreation shoes too. I recently bought these chains so that I can look better. Most of the time I pick my own clothes so I can learn about my style more and see what fits me best. [My style] Feels fresh.”

Mia De La Torre, Freshman

“My younger brother was showing me these posts from house parties and he was like, “Baddies free all night,’ and then said ‘How does it feel getting in for free? Cause you know you automatically get in free.’ That was the best compliment because I wouldn’t expect that from my brother because he’s so mean to me all the time. He recognized me that I am a baddie. A baddie is a girl that’s pretty and it doesn’t matter about the makeup but just her style and how she carries herself and people just recognize it. I don’t see being a baddie as an insult because you can see it as in they just look at your body, but you work hard for that you know. It’s something that more than that.” 

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Socorro Fernandez

“Somebody [told me that they] liked my skin tone color. It was a random stranger that just complimented me. I was outside in the parking lot and he approached me and he said ‘Hey can I tell you something?’ and he just said, ‘You have a very nice skin tone color like it is a very nice brown.’ I like my color even though I’m getting a little red right now. The significance is that I am very proud of being Mexican. I feel that sometimes with your [skin] color in the world today or the way society is sometimes your color plays a part in the way you are viewed. So when someone is just complimenting my skin tone color I am like ‘Thank you that’s nice.’ I have just laid here before in the sun before. I like going to the beach and to still tan and get more tanner. [My skin tone] shows that I am proud of where I come from. I’m happy being Mexican and who my parents are and family is. It’s not easy being Mexican in the world today.” 

Rubio Cuevas, Sophomore

“The day my aunt told me I have nice teeth. I thought that was very nice [to hear] because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth removed and so I felt that my smile was complete you know. Because there were spaces for my teeth to grow and I’ve always been complimented that I have a nice smile so that was one of the best compliments that I’ve received. I felt complete because I knew that there won’t be anything bothering me anymore so I guess it could be like a journey. Everyone, well not everyone, has to get their teeth removed and I was one of those people that had to get their teeth removed and so it felt like my smile was complete. You know a smile is everything. You don’t have to say anything and just smile and people will be ‘Oh, he has a nice smile’. Like right now, if I was having a bad day and you just smiled at me I would notice your smile and I would feel like, ‘Cool he smiled at me. He noticed me and he’s smiling at me.’ I feel that can make someone feel good.”

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