Más Tacos: Food Truck Now Serving Lunch Daily Outside Dunlap Hall

Dos Mexicanos Grill / Marta Konarska / el Don

Access to hot food on campus just doubled with taco truck Dos Mexicanos expanding its business to serve both ends of the college. As of Monday students can buy tacos, burritos and carne asada fries not only from the Dos Mexicanos truck at the Village, but also in a second one now parked daily between Dunlap Hall and the Don Express.

The lunch hours at the new place are the same as the Village: 10:30 a.m. through 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday. One of the trucks returns to the Village between 7 p.m and 8 p.m. Monday to Thursday to serve students on campus at night.  

Asked about the new east campus location, Dos Mexicanos Owner David Orea thinks it is “perfect” because there are plenty of tables outside in the nearby courtyard and it is on the opposite side of the campus so he can reach students who never came to the Village.

“People come to me and say ‘Oh I am glad you are here. You are right under my classroom,’” Orea said.

Dos Mexicanos is a local family business owned and operated by Orea and his father, that has been coming to Santa Ana College since 2011. Administration reached out to them after hearing good things about their food.   

They started with two food trucks, one behind the library and the other inside the Village, but the last location was slow. Once construction on the Health Sciences building started over a year ago, a single truck moved to the street next to the Village. Orea requested another location to pop up at the campus a while ago and finally got approval this semester.

Dos Mexicanos truck continues to serve food at the Village / Marta Konarska / el Don

Orea said that they serve at SAC because they stay busy here and their business is doing great. The extra truck is also needed because he saw a video posted by El Don News and realized that many students do not know about his food truck.

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“That was a good motivation,” Orea said.

In addition to weekdays at SAC, Dos Mexicanos sell its food in Downtown Santa Ana, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa. They also pop up at concerts and other events as well.

Follow them on their instagram @dosmexicanosgrill

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