Getting to Know – Dahiana Crabill

Portrait of Dahiana Cabrill // Photo by Edgar Galvan

There are people on campus who can directly impact the lives of students. Dahiana Crabil, adjunct academic counselor for Project Rise and undocumented students is one of those individuals.  

What makes her special? She attended SAC after graduating from high school and later Diahiana Crabil got her Bachelor of Arts and Masters in social work from CSULB.

Her commitment to SAC runs deep.  She did a three-year unpaid internship. Dahiana Crabill said, “My priority is to build trust when I first meet with students.” She is familiar with the struggles students are faced with in the program.  

According to Dahiana, “Students who have been incarcerated are not familiar with all the resources that are available to them, and they sometimes lack the self-confidence in their ability to go to college.”

Crabill understands this. She was born in Mexico and her parents came to the U.S. when she was one year old. 

“My father always encouraged us to get an education. He would take us to the bookstore once a week, and we could choose any book we wanted. Also, he exposed us to different TV programs, not just novelas or  Spanish drama television. We listened to classical music.” 

Crabill loves her job and is committed to making a difference in students’ lives.

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