Thrive Center partners with Smart & Final

The type of snacks that donated from Smart & Final to the Thrive. Photos by Kimberly Heinsius and Lizeth Martinez. Collage by Jakki Padilla. / el Don

Every Tuesday, the Thrive Center employees drive across the street to Smart & Final and grocery shop for the Food Pantry.

Smart & Final has partnered with the Thrive Center, to help provide groceries to all students at SAC.

Staples such as milk, eggs, other grocery items, and a variety of snacks are bought. This resource is valuable and provides much-needed supplies to students in need. 

The Thrive Center offers other helpful programs such as the Career Closet (students can shop for professional clothing), the Diaper Program which provides parents with a monthly allotment of costly diapers, Housing Assistance (issues up to six months of past-due rent), Emergency Aid (donates up to $1,700), and help with applying for CalFresh.

Many students visit the Food Pantry each week which enables them to prioritize other expenses without having the added burden of worrying about providing food for themselves and their families.

A student who did not wish to be named said, “The Food Pantry has been a welcome resource that has helped me to support my family.” The same student said that she received Emergency Aid from the Thrive Center last year, and this helped her family get out of a stressful financial crisis.

In addition to Smart & Final, Second Harvest Food Bank and Bracken’s Kitchen which supplies frozen meals donate to our food pantry.

At the Thrive Center, students can get groceries weekly and snacks daily, all for free.

The Thrive Center has proven to be a much-needed and well-received source for basic needs from which all students can benefit. Come check it out!

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