Getting to Know

MARY HEGARTY FINAL 10 1 2018 online

New Athletic Director Mary Hegarty Returns to Her Santa Ana Roots

Mary Hegarty is a creature of habit. She can’t start her day without coffee, exercising, walking her dog, or checking


Getting To Know: Athletic Counselor Frank Gonzales

By Matthew Salzer When growing up, sports motivated Frank Gonzales but what influenced him the most was quality coaches and


Getting To Know: Martha Vargas

Transfer Center counseling coordinator’s goal is to help students achieve dreams. By Joanna P. Uriostegui Martha Vargas’ family left Guadalajara,


Getting To Know: Athletic Field Groundskeeper Jesse Garcia

By Izabella Santana Keeping Santa Ana College’s athletic fields up to par is an overlooked task and may be seen


Getting To Know: Jason Kehler

By Jorge Campos Growing up in the San Gabriel Mountains with no neighbors leaves people with a lot of free


Getting to Know: Christina Duong

  By Katie Porter In her free time, Christina Duong browses Pinterest and keeps up with the Kardashians. She also


Getting To Know: Mark Wheeler

By Joanna Meza Getting ready to reenlist in the South African army, Mark Wheeler received the news that he would


Getting To Know: Stacy Russo

By Izabella Santana From her throne at the desk, hidden from view and almost invisible, librarian and punk-rock fan Stacy


Getting to Know: Raquel Manriquez

By Rogelio Santana Even before attending Kindergarten, Associated Student Government president Raquel Manriquez had a connection to Santa Ana College.


Getting to Know Jimmy Nguyen

By Nashe Harley Jimmy Nguyen has spent a lot of time at Santa Ana College. First enrolling at SAC as