Getting to Know


Get to Know SAC’s Interim President

By Julian Reynoso

SAC’s new interim president, Dr. Marilyn Martinez Flores aspires to be the voice of teachers and students, and she’s rolling

MARY HEGARTY FINAL 10 1 2018 online

New Athletic Director Mary Hegarty Returns to Her Santa Ana Roots

By Jordy Espinoza

Mary Hegarty is a creature of habit. She can’t start her day without coffee, exercising, walking her dog, or checking


Getting To Know: Athletic Counselor Frank Gonzales

By el Don News

By Matthew Salzer When growing up, sports motivated Frank Gonzales but what influenced him the most was quality coaches and


Getting To Know: Martha Vargas

By el Don News

Transfer Center counseling coordinator’s goal is to help students achieve dreams. By Joanna P. Uriostegui Martha Vargas’ family left Guadalajara,


Getting To Know: Athletic Field Groundskeeper Jesse Garcia

By el Don News

By Izabella Santana Keeping Santa Ana College’s athletic fields up to par is an overlooked task and may be seen


Getting To Know: Jason Kehler

By el Don News

By Jorge Campos Growing up in the San Gabriel Mountains with no neighbors leaves people with a lot of free


Getting to Know: Christina Duong

By el Don News

  By Katie Porter In her free time, Christina Duong browses Pinterest and keeps up with the Kardashians. She also


Getting To Know: Mark Wheeler

By el Don News

By Joanna Meza Getting ready to reenlist in the South African army, Mark Wheeler received the news that he would


Getting To Know: Stacy Russo

By el Don News

By Izabella Santana From her throne at the desk, hidden from view and almost invisible, librarian and punk-rock fan Stacy


Getting to Know: Raquel Manriquez

By el Don News

By Rogelio Santana Even before attending Kindergarten, Associated Student Government president Raquel Manriquez had a connection to Santa Ana College.