Getting to know: LGBTQIA+ Counselor Lisa Ruth Macafee

Lisa Macafee Counselor
Lisa Macafee LGBTQIA+ community member. Photo by Edgar Galvan / el Don

Vibrant pink hair, cool cat shoes, infinity symbols are all special features of our new full-time counselor.

Lisa Macafee (they/she) has been an adjunct counselor since Spring 2019 but for the first time this Fall 2023 semester she is a full-time employee.

Macafee specializes in LGBTQIA+ minorities and neurodivergent student services. Neurodivergent studies focus on how other people’s brains work differently as opposed to what society deems as normal.

“Students teach us so much.” says Macafee.

Macafee first taught Psychology at Los Amigos High School in Fountain Valley for 11 years and decided counseling was her true calling.

Students come to Macafee with their personal struggles, where she understands them on a different level than other counselors. Macafee helps students navigate through life with sheer communication. 

“We do a lot of good by talking about things,”she said.

Macafee went back to school to get their masters and interned as a counselor in various community colleges. The experience she gained led her to working at Cal State Fullerton College and Santa Ana College. She is currently working on a doctorate in autism and gender diversity.

“I owe it to my community to speak up,” said Macafee.

Macfee also has her own website which she says is aimed to further advocate for equality. Her website helps further her advocacy through training and writing workshops.

The website brings attention to the misconceptions of autism. One common misconception is that young boys are the only ones who are autistic. Autism comes in all personalities and genders.

Counseling and advocacy are Macafee’s passions.“I have very strong feelings and I cannot shut up about them,” she said.

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Her goals are to help students who are going through mental health obstacles, with an emphasis on suicide prevention in the neurodivergent community.

True to her advocacy, Macafee wears infinity symbols to show her continuous support towards students. Infinity symbols in autism represent diversity in the spectrum. Each individual who falls under the spectrum is slightly different and all the colors of the spectrum should be represented.

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