Editorial: Sanchez Must Learn to Filter Her Behavior

Illustration by Chrise Ware / TNS
 Illustration by Chrise Ware / TNS
Illustration by Chrise Ware / TNS

Staff Editorial

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez knows how to garner attention. Especially the negative kind.

Sanchez was recorded recounting a story to a group of Indian Americans about a time she confused a potential donor with being Native American, mimicking a “war cry” as she joked about how she distinguished between the ethnic groups.

While seemingly mocking an entire race of potential constituents, she tried spinning it around to make her look like the victim.

“I am human, I make mistakes,” and “I don’t hide behind a desk,” she yelled at the crowd during the state Democratic convention, and even claimed to be Native American on her mother’s side.

It is troubling that she didn’t own up to an offensive and racially insensitive statement.

For someone who is counting on votes and donations to beat the favored Kamala Harris, whose mother is Indian American, Sanchez has to learn to filter her behavior.

This is not the first time Sanchez has rubbed people the wrong way. She has been called out for sending racy Christmas postcards to constituents and even tried to host a Democratic event at the Playboy Mansion in 2000.

In the same weekend she declared her candidacy for the senate, she nearly destroyed her chances at becoming the first Latino female Senator in the state’s history.

One more slip up may cost her the 18-year political career Sanchez has built.

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