The game is fast but fans are furious

On Saturday, February 25, a tie between the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves caused controversy.  Well, not the game

It’s time for shorter work weeks

As employees we shouldn’t start our days by having a fight with ourselves just to get to work. 40 hour

Why society should accept the everyday man wearing makeup

The devil works hard, but drag queens work harder. They look better too. Drag queens and other kinds of celebrities

Voting: An Act of Resistance

Whether it’s a family member, a friend or even ourselves, we all know at least one person who claims they’re

Three Mazes Not To Miss At Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween haunts are back this October. There are several Halloween haunt events to attend this month like Knott’s Scary Farm, Six Flags Fright Fest and The 17th Door. This time around, what better place to be at than Universal Studios Hollywood’s 20th annual Halloween Horror Nights.

Oakland Athletics’ Bruce Maxwell Was Right to Take a Knee

On Friday, Sept. 22 President Donald Trump made it clear to NFL players that he disliked anyone who doesn’t stand for the National Anthem.

I’m Latina and I’m Republican. Here’s Why

Being a republican is not what it’s perceived to be.

Standing with Planned Parenthood is About More than Abortions

Defunding Planned Parenthood won’t end abortion, but it will probably result in a lot more unplanned pregnancies.

Santa Ana Police’s Censorship on Twitter Goes Too Far

By Meghan Kliewer Santa Ana Police Department has 24 blocked and 100 muted accounts on its Twitter, and that is

Editorial: Sanchez Must Learn to Filter Her Behavior

Staff Editorial Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez knows how to garner attention. Especially the negative kind. Sanchez was recorded recounting a story