ASG Trustee elections could’ve been better advertised

The email sent out on Monday, Feb. 26 by Jakki Padilla Franco

Santa Ana College Associated Student Government is holding elections for the Rancho Santiago Community College District Student Trustee position, which has been vacant since the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester. However, SAC students did not get a ballot email at the same time as SCC students.

The ASG represents both Santiago Canyon College and Santa Ana College. As such, students in both schools deserve the same rights when it comes to voting in ASG elections.

A week before the email was sent, I asked some of my peers and classmates to check their emails to see if they knew anything about the elections or whether or not they received an email allowing them to vote. None of the SAC students received an email ballot or even a message about the elections. Most students didn’t know there were elections being held. The one SCC student in my class did receive a ballot email.

It also came to my attention that those who go to SCC primarily are aware of these elections. SAC students were sent the election ballot email on Feb. 26, which is a few weeks after SCC students got their ballot.

Now that everyone has an electronic ballot, students in both schools can vote for a new Trustee until Feb. 27 at 11:59 p.m. It would have been much better if SAC students had been able to vote much earlier as SCC students were able to.

This could be a mistake, but in today’s political climate, it does not look good on ASG’s part. Voting is something that everyone deserves and it should be taken seriously.

ASG does amazing work for this school, but every student should be able to vote without barriers or another word. So the next time elections take place, please send every student a ballot at the same time.

All students should have the same voting rights. Especially students in the same district.

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