Dons softball walk-off Eagles in extra innings

Dons pitcher Ale Guzman pitched a complete 8 innings in a win. Brandon Rowley / El Don

Santa Ana College women’s softball team won a close game against Mount San Jacinto College on Thursday, with a final score of 3-2. 

SAC was struggling offensively at the beginning of the game. They were held to only one hit in five innings by MSJC pitcher Stephanie Wagner.

“Things were really shaky throughout the game,” said Head Coach Marissa Ross.

SAC came under pressure after MSJC scored off pitcher Ale Guzman in back-to-back innings, gaining a 2-0 lead in the 5th.

Being down two runs didn’t stop the Dons from making big defensive plays, including a situation when MSJC loaded the bases. 

“Every time we came out to the field we were telling each other, ‘Someone has to step up,’” said Coach Robles.

Although they were making defensive plays, SAC was still struggling offensively.

That all changed after first baseman Sonya Carnal doubled to right field bringing in Carissa Aguilar and Vinnie Robles to score at the bottom of the sixth. 

Carissa Agular and Vinnie Robles tied the score off of Sonya Carnal’s hit. Brandon Rowley / El Don

The game was tied at 2-2 but shutdown pitching from both sides took the game into extra innings. 

After SAC got three quick outs on defense, Mel Avila singled to center field, and after a bad pitch from MSJC’s pitcher, Avila was able to steal second base. 

SAC’s freshmen Carissa Aguilar then sacrifice bunted, allowing Avila to advance to third base — opening up SAC’s moment to strike. 

Carnal was up to bat and the pressure was on. In a clutch moment, she singled to left field, and the dugout erupted as she drove Avila home to walk it off in extras.

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The team swarmed Sonya Carnal as she drove in her final of 3 RBIs. Brandon Rowey / El Don

“I knew my teammates worked super hard, and I wanted to pull through for them,” said Carnal, who made the game-winning hit. 

SAC improved their overall record to 2-3. They want to continue adding to their two-game winning streak at home.   

“We were disciplined at the plate,” said Coach Robles. “It paid off because we were putting a lot of balls in play and we finally started to find the holes.”

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