Punk is still alive. The pit brings everyone together

Smiles, sweat and excitement were shared during this intimate moment between the singer and the moshers. Photo by: Danha Sanchez// el Don

Dear Mosh-Pit,

The stories I have about you are endless.

I could go on for hours and days talking about the amount of adrenaline and excitement you make me feel.

I saw you again on August 19. We locked eyes you looked at me and I looked at you. I don’t know if you remember but we were at the Garden AMP with the bands Plague Vendor, Shock Therapy, Slaughterhouse, Anti Virals and T.S.O.L.

The second my body sensed you were around, I left everything and everyone behind and dived in, letting the air and the music take the lead.

There are many things that I like about you. I like the way you make a dangerous action, a form of a warm hug or a handshake where everyone jumps, sweats, pushes each other and keeps everyone safe.

The way you welcome everyone from different ages, styles and tastes makes the punk community grow. Every time I visit you, I get to see some fellow punk lovers, friends and known faces—the names that bring life to a show by being part of you.

A lot of those voices shared how happy and excited they are to be part of you, for others is a way to express themselves through style and movement which is what creates you.

Nothing will ever go wrong as long as you still bring life to every show. You’ve got everyone wrapped around your finger, letting all sorts of emotions float all over the place.

You have shown and proven many times that punk is not dead, you give musicians a chance to show their true and unique rhythm.

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Thank you for showing us that despite our differences we can still connect through the way we dance, jump and sweat during the mosh-pit.

Till next time,
Your fellow admirer.

Moshers at the end of T.S.O.L set. Photo by: Danha Sanchez// el Don.
Friendly pushing around our beloved mosh-pit. Photo by: Danha Sanchez// el Don.
The vocalist of Plague Vendor joins the pit with moshers. Photo by: Danha Sanchez// el Don.
Plague Vendor hyping up the pit before their set. Photo by: Danha Sanchez// el Don.
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