The newest addition to The Hunger Games franchise was a flop.

The Hunger Games franchise dropped its newest movie “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” on Nov. 17, and it sucked.

¿A quién recuerdas este Día de los Muertos?

Reportera Daniela Derramadero the preguntó a los estudiantes de SAC como celebran y a quien recuerdan esté Día de los

Who do you remember this Dia de los Muertos?

Reporter Daniela Derramadero asked SAC students about how they honor and celebrate their loved ones. “I am actually remembering two

  • Food
  • October 19, 2023

I found nostalgic flavors of Mexico City at ¡Ah, Carbon Tacos!

Growing up in Mexico City I used to go eat tacos al pastor in the middle of the night with

Horror fans defrost for the beginning of spooky season

Halloween came early for horror lovers gathered on Sept. 2 at the first October Village of 2023 at a hotel

Punk is still alive. The pit brings everyone together

Dear Mosh-Pit, The stories I have about you are endless. I could go on for hours and days talking about

La Santa hosted comedy rock band Green Jellÿ, and other local punk bands

The crowd jumped, moshed, danced and pushed each other to the incredible rhythm of Beach Waste, Melted Bodies, Shock Therapy

Orange County Museum of Art exhibitions highlighting women artists

The Orange County Museum of Art is featuring 3 different exhibitions this weekend. Daniel Arsham:  Wherever You Go, There You

Sociology Adjunct Professor, Giana Cicchelli, creates NFTs with written talismans

Giana Cicchelli is an adjunct sociology professor at Fullerton College as well as other community colleges. She is also a