Orange County Museum of Art exhibitions highlighting women artists

Lynn Hershman Leeson
Lynn Hershman Lesson Piece is shown and Displayed at OCMA. Photo by Danny De La Cruz

The Orange County Museum of Art is featuring 3 different exhibitions this weekend. Daniel Arsham:  Wherever You Go, There You Are; 13 Women: Variation II; Sandford Biggers: Of many waters. All these different exhibitions were different and unique all at the same time, with sculptures, pictures, videos, and many more amazing things to look at.

The exhibition, 13 Women: Variation II, highlighted only women artists. These pieces were simple and emotional, each of them with lots of different meanings and messages. The ones that stood out the most were the pieces Roberta Turning Blue, and Becoming Roberta both by Lynn Hershman Leeson. 

Roberta Turning Blue is a picture of the character, Roberta, with blonde hair and her face covered in blue paint. 

“The artist worked in this series for most of her career, the purpose of the series is to follow Roberta in her journey of how she found out she had schizophrenia.” said a member from the museum. 

The other piece, becoming Roberta, is a very unique video of the artists doing Roberta’s signature make-up, and finishing up with the blonde wig that is an important attribute to Roberta. 

This exhibition has many more impactful pictures like Nacer y Morir de una Rosa (Birth and death of a rose) by Rosa Navarro, which is a series of 7 pictures of a woman that has two roses instead of eyes, each picture shows different stages of the life of a rose.

Danha Sanchez

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