SAC Voices: Why do women’s stories matter?

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Women in all forms of storytelling are highlighted this Women’s History Month. Illustration by Kate G. Bustamante.

The National Women’s History Month celebrates women in all forms of media and storytelling. We went around asking students why this is essential.

“…A lot of the time women are underestimated and not really taken seriously so I feel like the more a story is told the more people will hear about it.” – Natalia Acuña

“I think women’s stories are important because they can have impacts on other women’s lives because some of us go through the same things so it gets us out of what we’re struggling with.” – Savanna Chavez

“…A lot of women sometimes feel alone so I think it’s nice to know or it’s easier to relate to somebody when they kinda tell you their story and what they’ve been through.” – Diana Torres 

“…It like inspires all women to raise awareness of being more independent and doing everything on their own” – Phuong Anh Phi

“…I would say the stories matter not only for women but also any human beings.” – Karley Dinh

“Women’s stories matter because women are often misrepresented or underrepresented and add value to society, because we’re human beings and I think often times people don’t recognize that because of misconceptions that they have” – Giovana Mondragon

“…It’s this perspective that often isn’t taken into account women are often misrepresented…so I think that taking their story into account and how they feel about certain situations will allow us to see a different perspective that isn’t usually seen by the male-driven world” – Francisco Ramos 

“…I believe they inspire people and other women to do things that they possibly think they cannot do in the future.” – Melani Fernandez

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“Women’s stories matter because there’s been a lot of injustices in the past so we need to make sure that everyone has a voice to be heard.” – Valeria Lara

“…Every woman has something important to offer the world and sometimes they’re not given the opportunity so I think sharing their stories and what they’ve been through is important” – Sinai Linares

“…We also have to be the backbone of every family or society I feel like we just have to work a lot harder to get the rights that anyone else has as a man…Also, we just go through a lot more and it’s important.” – Cinthia Flores 

“Women are seen for their beauty but they are capable of so much more.” – Nayeli Nino 

“….We have to look at what’s happened before and what’s happening present and figure out what it is that we can just become better as a community all together for everybody because everyone’s voices matter.” – Christopher Fesler

“…In order to get like a full scope of what really matters in history we have to account for women’s history” – Bryan Rangel

“Throughout history they’ve either been misrepresented or not represented equally as males…so I think it’s important to shine the light upon especially on women’s history month because it shows how much of an impact women have had throughout history.” – Luis Magaña

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