Santa Ana gets its own pop-up roller rink

sk8 night 1
Sara Linton, ANya Cappon, Kristin Yustinic and Tira Smith visit Skate Night on Sept. 13 2021 Photo by Stephanie Martinez | el Don

During the Covid-19 pandemic many people quickly picked up interesting hobbies to pass the time. One activity quickly became a hit sensation: roller skating.

According to Google Trends, roller skating searches increased dramatically in the year 2020. Many popular roller skate brands sold out entirely. Now that we can safely spend time with friends and family outdoors, those skates can get put to good use at Santa Ana’s own pop-up roller rink.

Participants greet each other at Skate Night, hosted by OC Skate Society. Photo by Stephanie Martinez / el Don


The Plant District who hosts OC Vegan fest in Downtown Santa Ana curated OC Skate Society for all to come together to share their love of skating and vegan food.

Every Monday from 4pm to 8pm, OC Skate Society creates their own makeshift roller rink in the parking lot of Munchies Diner in downtown Santa Ana.

Along with roller skating to a live DJ, there are rotating vegan vendors that serve a variety of food that ranges from pizza to tamales.

In addition to a place to skate, Skate Night also offers a variety of vegan food options. Photo by Stephanie Martinez | el Don

OC Skate Society also gives opportunities to small business vendors to set up shop.

After reaching out to The Plant District on Instagram about why they’re doing it, they said “The mission with this Monday night event is to give the community something to look forward to each week, giving us the reason to come together and enjoy the time.”

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