Get Hacking at SAC’s New Cyber Center

Stephanie Martinez / El Don

“Yes, we’re going to teach you how to hack,”  said Dean of Business, Madeline Grant, to the laughs in the crowd at the Cyber Center grand opening Feb. 24. “Cause you can’t stop ’em if you don’t know how to do it.”

The Cyber Center consists of three classrooms that have been transformed into hands-on labs dedicated to computer information systems & programming classes which will prepare them for in-demand, high-paying careers in cyber security, data analytics, networking, programming, artificial intelligence and IT support.

The first lab located in A214, is an off network isolated classroom that allows students to build networks, firewalls and identify cyber threats. 

The second lab, A216, is a new lab that is dedicated to hardware; Here, students will learn how to build, take apart and put back together central processing units (CPUs) which is a principle part of any digital computer system. 

The third classroom, the computer lab, is located in A225. The computer lab will provide courses that will teach students about artificial intelligence, cloud computing and will also provide data analytic courses.

Current SAC student and keynote speaker, Emmanuel “Manny” Cisneros shared his story about how SAC changed his life and how they helped guide him to his current job as a Technical Analyst at a big corporation. “Looking back, coming from a minority community I always thought I was going to do construction, or plumbing and now I am making an impact in my community. I don’t see it as a job, I see it as an opportunity, an opportunity to seek something better for myself, for my family, and for my community.”

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Total grant support has been approximately $750,000 over the three year period to get the Cyber Center up and running.

Cyber Center classes launched in the existing computer labs three years ago and are now being offered as first 8 week, full semester, and second 8 week courses in the appropriate lab structures.

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