Drink the best beer in OC at these 5 taprooms


There are now 40 independently owned breweries you can choose from in the Orange County area. Here is a list of the top five production brewery taprooms in the 714 area that can offer a fun vibe and great beer. 

A look inside Bottle Logic’s futuristic taproom

Bottle Logic Brewing

1072 N. Armando St. Anaheim

This science-inspired-graphic-novel brewery will surely stir up your taste buds. They are known for their barrel-aged programs which produce limited waxed-dipped bottles that bring crowds every month. But you won’t have to worry about the crowds with all their indoor and outdoor seating which includes an extended wearhouse next door. Bottle Logic’s barrel-aged stouts come in a variety of creative flavors such as the “liquid brownie batter” known as Fundamental Observation, which at 14% ABV is like drinking a boozy dessert.

Two of the many beverages you can get while looking out into a sea of wooden barrels

The Bruery Terreux

1174 N Grove St. Anaheim

Started from the bottom now he’s here. Patrick Rue founded The Bruery (creatively named and inspired after him) in 2008 in Placentia which is a Belgian inspired brewery. After a few years The Bruery Terreux opened to focus solely on farmhouse sours and oak-aged beers. After swearing off he’d never produce an IPA, Rue opened Offshoot Beer Co. in 2017 as an “offshoot” from The Bruery to allow them to brew more American-style beers. The Bruery Terreux location is tucked away in the corner of a small business park and offers a cathedral of wooden barrels that are stacked to the ceiling. Before you visit you can sign up to get a tour of their location while enjoying ales from all brands. A must try on tap are their barrel-aged sours. If you can get their limited-release Tart of Darkness, you can enjoy a rum barrel-aged cherry-vanilla punch. 

Green Cheek decorates for the holidays while displaying their current drinks on tap

Green Cheek Beer Co.

2294 N. Batavia St. Ste C. Orange

“Be kind, no hate, be aware, and no harassment” is the Green Cheek tasting room’s code of conduct which ensures that their atmosphere is nothing but kind and fun. The original location of this 4 year-old brewery is a tricky one to get to. Hidden in the back of an industrial park you might think your directions led you the wrong way. But trust your maps. Green Cheek brewer Evan Price is known for some of the most crisp and to-style lagers and IPAs in the OC. If you’d like to spike your lager, use their homemade michelada mix which is a perfect balance of acid and spice.

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Chapman Crafted Brewing

123 N Cypress St. Orange

Chapman Crafted’s head brewer David Hall is responsible for their award-winning pilsner which sells more than any other beer and offers a crisp and clean finish. The brewery and taproom are located next to the train tracks just outside of the Orange Circle which offers open and spacious seating. The Zodiac Series are limited release beers that are available only during the month of each zodiac sign. Right now on tap is their Sagittarius zodiac series, which is a New England Hazy IPA. 

Unsung Brewing Co.

500 S. Anaheim Blvd.

Mike Crea brewer and founder was raised on superhero movies, which shaped the brewery he owns today. Mixing his love of comic books and beer, he created a unique and one of a kind location that perfectly blends the two. Danger Duel — Which sounds as good as it tastes, is one of Unsung’s unfiltered fruity IPAs. Enjoy these creative comic-book inspired beers in the comfort of a themed location. This place is great to drink and catch up on all your vintage superhero movies while playing a board game from the brewery’s in-house stash.

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