Rookies spearhead the start of basketball season

SAC Women’s Basketball Team
SAC Women’s Basketball Team


Their home game is the first basketball game in the state after two years.

Men’s basketball kicks off Nov. 1 with a home game against the San Diego Mesa College Olympians. Not only will it be the Dons’ first game back, but also the first official community college basketball game statewide. Head Coach David Breig says that rebuilding the team after the pandemic has been a challenge.

Only one player, Sophomore Josh Danque, is returning this season. Danque was just coming off the bench in the 2019-2020 season and had an average of 3.8 points scored per game. Danque, along with 17 new players are still competing for a spot on the team.

“This first game we’ll be figuring out who works well with who, what strengths and weaknesses we have, and just learn on the go” -Coach Breig


Two returners and all 15 rookies ready to play.

Dons’ Women’s Basketball team returns to the court on Nov. 2 for a home game against the Santa Barbara City College Vaqueros.

They had an overall record of 13-15 in their last season in 2019-2020. Sophomores Nicole Robles and Megan Roach are the only players to return to the team.

“All of them stand out. Every single one. We don’t recruit people to sit around.”

Robles, who stands 5’2”, led the 2019-20 conference in 3-point shot percentage. Roach’s coach expects a breakout season from the forward, who leads her team by example. Robles and Roach are also joined by 13 freshman players from across Orange County, and Head Coach Flo Luppani is optimistic about the upcoming season.

“We’re picky about who we recruit because the culture of the team is really important. All of our players fit well with that culture,” says Luppani.

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