Winning Streak Ends at 10

Santa Ana winning streak came to an end on Saturday losing to Mesa 19 – 6. / Photo By Danny De La Cruz

The Dons were overwhelmed by the San Diego Metro Olympians being beaten 19 to 6 on Saturday.

Metros scored first off a wild pitch from freshman pitcher Cole Samuels.

San Diego scored another two off a home run to left field.

Santa Ana got on the board into the bottom of the second inning off an error; scoring Dons Freshman infielder Cedrick Perez.

Olympians scored again allowing two points to add on to their lead now 5-1 in the top of the third inning. They continued to rack up points on the Dons in the third inning and were stopped in the top of the fourth inning.

Dons sophomore Copper Hansen homered to right-center field allowing Cedrick Perez to score again. Brings the Dons score to 3 to 8.

San Diego Metros gained another six runs until the Dons stopped them and were able to score with a single down by freshman infielder Devon Villanueva allowing freshman infielder Juan Toledo to score another run for the Dons. The score is now 14-4 at the bottom of the eighth in.

San Diego scored another five runs until the Dons finished the game with sophomore outfielder Grant Askins hitting a home run to right-center and Sophomore Outfielder Andrew Gallegos scored making the game 19-6.

“I don’t think we really showed up today, to be honest. Pitching wasn’t up to par and we couldn’t get enough runs together.” Freshman outfielder Austin Bartlett Freshman Outfielder said after the game.

The Dons next game is against Glendale College at Santa Ana on Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 2 pm.

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