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Project Rise Team – Front row Nohemi Mino, coordinator, Dahiana Crabill, academic counselor -Second row -Jeremiah Lee Wilkerson, Nicole Curry, Rose Cisneros, and Esteban Zeferino, student workers. Photo by Loretta Cannett

Project Rise has set itself apart from other programs as a student support club that has more than 100 members and is growing strong. 

The program serves students impacted by the criminal justice system.  According to Coordinator Nohemi Mino, the program supports formerly incarcerated students. 

They ensure that participants have individualized academic counseling, fee waivers for registration, workshops, and mentorship during their college journey. 

“I feel that I’m proud of the students. They are amazing learners, and I get to help them find their purpose in life,” says Mino.

Student workers like Jeremiah Lee Wilkerson are also making a difference. He is a strong force in the Rise office, talking to students and connecting them to college resources. 

“Every student who walks into the office I consider a member of my family,” Wilkerson said.

The program was launched two years ago and received grant funds under the Project Scholars Program. Students are encouraged to transfer. 

Rise is now beginning to collect data on student retention and completion rates.

Project Rise Student Club and Rising Scholars are presenting Cruising for Higher Education on Saturday, March 2, from noon to 5 p.m. 

It’s the third annual car show, and Jessica Gonzales, club president, has 50 organizations committed to attending at the Resource Center. It’s a family event and there will be food vendors and music. 

Loretta Cannett

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