4 New On-Campus Clubs for Fall 2018

Young Americans for Liberty at Club Rush / Marta Konarska / el Don

Looking for some volunteering, scholarship opportunities or extra credit, joining these new clubs would be a good option. Here are some new clubs active on Santa Ana College campus this fall. Participation in organizations gives many advantages for students who want to work toward their future.

Young Americans for Liberty

This club focuses on the freedom of speech and first amendment. Their mission is to stand up for freedom, choice and responsibility for private choices. YAL is the largest and fastest growing youth liberty organization in the country with the goal of spreading libertarian values. The organization appeared at SAC to help educate people who do not know their rights and what they are entitled to do in this country and on campus. The club members believe that schools should be bastions of free thoughts and free speech as this is the very core of American nation. Students from Santa Ana who advocate for personal freedom can make a profile and sign up online at yaliberty.org/signup or contact Andrew Rivas, the club leader by email at andrew.rivas98@gmail.com.

Black Student Union

The school’s organization unify African American students. The club foster student development through diversity, presentations, social activities, community service, cultural and campus events, and others. BSU advantages are outlets to scholarships and help in working toward members academic career and personal goals. The crew holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays. To join come to one of the gathering that happens every other Tuesday from 11 a.m. till noon, or email blackstudentunion.sac@gmail.com.


ASEZ is a group of student volunteers from the Church of God who act to solve practical problems around the world.

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The association helps people in the world who are suffering from various disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars and terrorist attacks. The group mission is social service, awareness raising, victim relief and environmental protection. This faith based organization believes young adults and students are the leaders of future generations who have the power to change present despair to future happiness. To join and get more information about ASEZ, students can sign up with their phone number or email. The contact email is asezsac@gmail.com.

Circle K

The Circle K club promotes service, leadership and fellowship where students can grow as scholars and leaders. Participants work with students and children in the community and on campus. Members of the circle have many scholarship opportunities, networking, conferences and award recognitions for their service. SAC’s Circle K club at believes many students are not actively engaged in activities on and off campus. The union creates occasion where students can grow as scholars and leaders. People interested to join can come to Wednesdays meetings from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every other week or email circle.k.sac@gmail.com.


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