Here’s How to Rate Your Professors

As the new semester approaches, homework will get tough and studying is a must. In that situation, it is worth knowing what to expect from a new teacher and an unfamiliar class. On the website Rate My Professors students can critique, rate and write comments about schools and professors.

The webpage is very easy and clear to navigate. The search box allows to look up teachers or campuses as long as these have been added by students to the website.

Schools rating depends on reputation, food, opportunities, location, safety and others. The overall satisfaction ranges from 1 to 5. Together with the rating, there is space for opinion and special buttons to refer if it was useful.

When it come to judge professors, it goes by overall quality, level of difficulty and the percentage of how likely student would retake the class. While rating a professor, students provide a course number and answer questions about the class.

Students can give feedback on attendance, write an opinion about it, and select tags to describe the teacher. The tags vary from characteristics like hilarious, caring to the tough grader, lecture heavy and a variety of others. At the end of the rating process, students can write about they grade and major if they want to.

Along with the website is a blog focusing on student life. This is a valuable tool for every student! Anyone who wants read opinions before making a choice of school or check how the professors differ should visit this website.

After finishing the semester, everyone can spread some words about professors to help their fellow students make the right decision about future classes.

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