Oh Hey, Racism

OPINION: Serena Williams epitomizes the mistreatment of black and female athletes

Racism and sexism ran rampant at the U.S. Open Fall all aimed at Serena Williams. She was the recipient of discrimination, sexist, and racist comments and this is nothing new for the tennis champ. Williams was penalized for code violation, breaking her racket, and calling the chair umpire a “thief.” She was demonized for her reactions to the violations despite her male counterparts who have behaved similarly with no repercussions. Mark Knight, an artist for Australian newspaper “ The Herald Sun,” illustrated Williams as a stereotypical angry black woman with over-exaggerated physical features. It also depicts umpire Ramos in the cartoon with U.S. Open Final winner, Naomi Osaka, asking her “Can you just let her win?”

Williams is one of the greatest female tennis players of all time but still receives insults on her “manly” physique and “insanely wild” behavior against umpires giving her unjust rulings. Although it is known to be true that Williams reacts heavily on certain calls made against her, it’s no excuse that women – especially black women – are still looked down on as inferior. It’s an ongoing struggle for Serena, who deserves more praise than hate. U.S. Open, do better.

Breanna Castaneda

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