LibroMobile Is The Tiniest Bookstore in Santa Ana

LibroMobile offers books, art and zines focusing on Latinos and the Santa Ana community / Claire Ortiz / el Don

In the midst of bustling Fourth Street, Sarah Rafael Garcia stands
out on her own. She converses
with curious bystanders, engaged
in each conversation. Behind her
lay rows of books, neatly arranged
on wooden shelves and crates.
She wears a beaming smile as she presents LibroMobile, her solution for downtown Santa Ana’s lack of Latino- focused bookstores.

Starting off as a small “bookmobile” project, Garcia is bringing back what was once a part of the community: a local bookstore carrying art, zines and literature celebrating Mexican and Mexican-American culture.

“My goal is to be able to offer relevant role models off and on the page for the community,” said Garcia, who believes reading a book is a reflection of one’s self. “I’m hopefully doing that by focusing on writers of color, LGBTQ and mental health.”

Garcia was inspired to start LibroMobile after learning a well-known Latino bookstore, Libreria Martinez, closed its storefront in
2012. Believing in both providing and maintaining a local bookstore in Santa Ana, Garcia fills her shelves with books that resonate with the city and its Latino residents.

“I want it to continue. I want it to exist, so one of the ways I’m combining that is by not being a big place,” Garcia said, mentioning her literary project’s pursuits around Orange County.

LibroMobile will continue to sell used and donated books at a lower price from its downtown perch and will set up Little Free Libraries, posts where people can pick up and exchange books, throughout Santa Ana.

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“I’m hoping I’m still around. It’s going to have to come naturally,” Garcia said of expanding her business.

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LibroMobile is currently located off 4th Street and Spurgeon (back alley area) in Downtown Santa Ana. Hours are Tues.-Sat. 12-6 p.m. and during 1st Saturday Artwalk 6-9 p.m. For more info, visit

Additional reporting by Josie Morales